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New Review - 500 Series - France

"...the preamp surprises with its transparency and its high capacity distortion-free amplification..."

"In summary, this Lipinski module is a high fidelity (500 Series) pre-amp in the company of Millennia, Grace and the other Danfield Audio Designs, but with a "presence" worthy of a "vintage" pre-amp."

"A suggestion of how more components of a chain are more transparent and a reliable source of quality, should be!"

  — at Studio 73.


Full Review:

The Pre amplifier (500 series) Lipinski L-609.

- The classic Phase ... 48v, 20db Pad (by disabling one of the two amplification stages) and ... a gain of from 38 to 73 db!
- Bonus: Given a / m Pk, a DI input, the function XFMR (a "simulator" of the input transformer);
- Pure, devoid of any signature.

In use:
- First the preamp surprises with its transparency and its high capacity distortion-free amplification and quiet;
- Then, once accustomed to the concept, we realize that the definition and richness of the signal of the L-609 are a tool, "sterile" and "clinical";
- The transient response is such that it forces you to rethink your habits of dynamics processing;
- After a few hours we try for the first time a Telefunken or AEA (previously without much hope) and we discover a new world. The magic of the sound of these mics is revealed, without artifice ... it goes to Nirvana;
- Can sometimes regret the absence of a high-pass filter.

In summary, this Lipinski module is a high fidelity pre-amp in the company of Millennia, Grace and the other Danfield Audio Designs, but with a "presence" worthy of a "vintage" pre-amp.

A suggestion of how more components of a chain are more transparent and a reliable source of quality, should be!

Highly recommended product!
If you want to fall on the side of "Clean" you must absolutely try this product.

 — at Studio 73.


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