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Lipinski Sound products have become extremely popular.

The orders we have received are showing the outstanding acceptance of our products on the Pro-Audio market.

The demand has by far exceeded our expectations.

With the consequence that delays in deliveries can unfortunately not be avoided, but rest assured that we are investing an enormous amount of time and effort in the production of your orders.

A significant cause for the longer waiting times is our determined manufacturing process in accordance with the ‘Lipinski' principle.

All Lipinski Sound products are manufactured and assembled in a developed manual process that must meet the most stringent demands on precision engineering, diligent care and excellence.

Reliability and Performance

The design team at Lipinski Sound considers reliability to be just as important as performance.

Each Lipinski Sound product is a handcrafted product. In order to ensure that each product gives the owner many years of enjoyment, our electronics are designed and stress tested to meet military standards of reliability and durability.

Lipinski Sound now implements a testing process as used in military electronics institutes. The process involves freezing equipment before it goes out on the field to -13°F (-25°C), then heating it up to 130°F (+55°C), and finally repeating this four times, this to preventequipment malfunction during battle. Moreover, the temperatures and number of cycles have been laboratory tested for years, until the final process and exact temperature range was standardized. 

Lipinski Sound purchased appropriate equipment to implement the process for all its electronics, thereby guaranteeing reliability of our products for years to come.

This commitment to reliability and durability has been the core principle of Lipinski Sound for a decade now and it gave us a worldwide reputation.

A Lipinski Sound product may only leave the production facility after being thoroughly tested and checked, so you can be sure that your Lipinski Sound product is up to it’s task now and for many years to come.

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