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L-707A Grand
L-707A Grand
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L-707A Grand
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L-707A Grand

Includes one L-707A and one Mid Woofer segment,

1. By adding one mid-woofer segment on the bottom, or on the top of L-707A to peer above a console, it eliminates the need For
a separate subwoofer. Provides for a fully integrated, full-bandwidth Loudspeaker.

2. Five -woofers work together. This combination eases the load on all midrange drivers lowering distortion by 50% up to crossover point at over 2 kHz, and extends bass, to the point equivalent to having one 15" woofer per side.

3. Unique neodymium magnet sign anoints and mechanical stabilizers
(patent pending), trouble connection for low impedance and smooth
signal transition. Extremely simple mechanical assemblage: just stack it, and the magnets connect by themselves.

Not required: terminals/wires/assembly/tooling

Provided: convenience / reliability / ergonomics / smooth signal transition


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