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L-629: Series 500 Compressor
L-629: Series 500 Compressor
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L-629: Series 500 Compressor
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L-629: Series 500 Compressor

1. Basic principle of operation and ballistics based on the famous Fairchild compressor with no-noise and distortion developed on Lipinski patented circuitry

2. Another patented circuit completely eliminating distortion on low frequencies and on low-release time - all other compressors on short release time and on low frequencies change amplification within single sine wave, commonly a major source of distortion

3. Extremely fundamental design bated on patented "Lipinski Square" class A circuitry

4. No capacitors In the signal path

5. No Integrated Circuits (IC's) in the signal path

6. Only 0.04% maximum distortion with the highest (18dB) compression

7. Extremely fast attack time - 0.01ms (l/5th 20kHz sine wave)
ft. Tape Simulation doesn't generate gimmicky even-harmonic distortion. Thi5 feature senses and triggers compression on high frequencies (correction within control network)

9. Auto gain: additional 5 sec. attack time, and 5 mm. release time

10. Auto control has ballistics similar to VU meter, it is based on a photo resistor, completely eliminates distortion with zero adjustment error - quality on output signal totally independent of input level

11. Two simultaneous 11-led peak meters; before and post compression 12 Hardwiring option for Stereo and surround operation

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