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L-707 Monitor

L-707 Monitor

1. A sealed enclosure tuned for the best impulse response rather than a low-end extension. We strongly believe that various kinds of vented enclosures always cause coloration that does not deliver reference accuracy.

2. Sturdy enclosure made of 1" (25mm) thick MDF with internal bracing to bring unwanted resonance and box coloration to an almost nonexistent level.

3. Stiff Glass Fiber Cone mid-woofers with low dampening rubber surround, diecast chassis, and a low distortion magnet.

4. Neodymium Ring Radiator - super low distortion tweeters with frequency response up to 40kHz and extra wide dispersion.

5. The absence of a grill in front of the tweeter. Our laboratory and listening tests prove that even the most transparent grill fabric causes high frequency comb filtering.

6. An acoustic, rather than an electronic, time-coherence of tweeters.

7. Unique tweeter surrounding. Perfecting the tweeter environment appeared quite possibly to be the most challenging aspect of the design. The goal was to eliminate the edging effect by carefully shaping the tweeter surrounding with specially designed Belgian foam.

8. A low-order crossover for the best phase response. We also selected the lowest possible crossover point to deliver the best transient response.

9. Premium quality crossover parts. Foil Inductors wound on a wooden core - with their skin effect conductivity - provide performance unmatched by less expensive wire wound coils, and provide much lower coloration than iron core inductors. We also use non-inductive resistors, premium audiophile grade capacitors and special flat, Super OFC internal wires.

10. Matching internal dampening design. Internal dampening is outsourced and precut to absolutely identical shape and weight for the best speaker-to-speaker consistency.

11. Dual, all-brass, gold-plated posts, which accept banana plugs or up to 2 AWG wires.

12. Magnetic Shielding. All our speakers are magnetically shielded for demanding pro video applications.

13. All parameters perfected in anechoic chamber.



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